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George Cox

Since 1906

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My pair of George Cox creepers were probably the most important things I ever bought. They made a statement about what everyone else was wearing and thinking. To wear those shoes was a symbolic act.
— Malcolm McLaren, Cultural Iconoclast

All you Punks and all you Teds, Natty Dreads, Mods, Rockers, Suedeheads, Manchester Casuals, Hypebeasts, Fashion Week Fashionists, Rude Boys, Rude Girls, Korean Street Walkers, East Side Hipsters, South London Skaters, Streetwear Headz, Soul Spinners, Harajuku Posers, Up Against A Wall Bloggers and Skinheads.
We are all one. We are George Cox, Lead Your Way.


A New Direction

George Cox since its conception in 1906 has been a family affair, so when we decided that it was about time to awaken a dormant giant it seemed only logical to look closest to home, organically moulded by the people that the shoes are all about. It wouldn’t make sense to do it differently.



George Cox presents its debut campaign to accompany the launch of the new online retail platform and website. Our carefully curated collection of ‘heroes’ of old mixed with a few modern twists marries our rich heritage with the unapologetically brutish yet stylish fashion we have maintained for years, still made the same way.

Photo: Janette Beckman

Photo: Janette Beckman


The Original Creeper

George Cox has always been about making a statement, nobody does it quite like us, and its not for a lack of trying either. Copied on the streets in Camden, copied on the catwalks in Paris, Milan and London. Our story spans over 110 years and five generations of one family. Its time to reclaim what has belonged to us since 1949 and 1906.

Photo: Dennis Morris

Photo: Dennis Morris